WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping continues to grow in popularity and remains a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. With this rise in popularity, new and intriguing products have also been introduced to the market. If you’ve been contemplating taking up vaping as a pastime and plan to buy your own vape soon, you’ll want to read through these tips for choosing a vaporizer.

Which Vaping Device is Best?

It’s not 2006 anymore, that’s for sure. At one point, the vaping equipment Littleton had to offer consisted of only a few options that had just come out on the market. Now, you’re presented with a plethora of vaping tools and styles that fit every need out there. Whether you’re a social smoker or trying to get away from traditional tobacco, vaping has come a long way. The right vaping device will depend on your smoking preference, style, and comfort. Let’s take a look at some popular, budget-friendly styles that may suit your vaping needs.

The Evolution of the Vape

Beginning with the cig-a-like, which grew into a pod mod, the styles are drastically different. When the e-cig came onboard, it identically resembled a cigarette! People who were weaning themselves from tobacco cigarettes would still get the feel and look, without completely quitting cold turkey. These e-cigs turned into other devices that feature the latest equipment and technology that you see today. Some are so compact and camouflage, you don’t even know they’re a vape! That said, you can choose a vape that best fits your style and needs, because there are more options to choose from.

There are two categories of vapes that you should know; cannabis/CBD and nicotine vapes. NIcotine vapes mimic the smoking sensations and are powered by lithium-ion batteries. They come in a variety of flavors.

CBD/Cannabis vapes come in small and larger devices that typically take a battery or electrical outlet charge. These devices are made to be filled with CBD related products, which are dry or concentrated. Once you decide what you need, you can choose from any number of vapes that fit that criteria.

Nicotine Vapes

These vape pens or box mods come in slim and sleek, compact sizes. They fit in most pockets, purses, and coats, and are simple to operate. They’re ideal for travel and provide a quick, satisfying hit every time. They are discreet, affordable, and you can find them in a variety of styles and flavors. The E-cig mimics the appearance of a real cigarette and is disposable, while providing a similar hand-to-mouth feel. Box mods are larger in size and pack a powerful punch, more powerful than most nicotine vapes on the market. They are larger to accommodate the battery and wattage, which means they’re longer lasting and are temperature controlled. The pod vapes come as two, meaning one side holds a small battery while the other side is a refillable pod. They can be affordable and provide at a higher nicotine level than the e-cig.

CBD/Cannabis Pens

Vapes and pens range in size and portability, and can come in various forms that make up two types: desktop and portable. These unique vape pens can be filled with the e-juice of your choice and deliver the benefits without extra fillers. Your vapor equipment Littleton store has a variety of options to fit your herb of choice.

Among the best vape pens in 2022, you can find the right one to perfectly fit your needs. At Hype, we help you feel at ease, whether you’re a vaping expert or it’s your first time buying. Contact us or stop by to check out our vapor equipment Littleton store and view our wide selections today!

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