WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

There are so many options when it comes to vaping equipment, it’s hard to know what’s right for you and even harder to keep up with new, exciting products on the market. Let’s make it easier. Next time you visit your vape shop, consider adding these must-have items to your basket. 

Batteries and chargers

For uninterrupted vaping pleasure, it’s smart to have extra batteries or chargers on hand that you can pick up at your nearest vape shop. For pen or e-cigarette vapes, you can typically charge them directly with a vape charger. If you use a mod device, you’ll need to stock up on batteries. Without a power source, the coil inside of your vape won’t heat up to vaporize your vaping liquid into vapour. You can even buy a battery charger so that you can reuse the batteries and keep a few on hand at all times. 

Vape juice

To keep the vaping party going, it’s important to keep plenty of vape juice around. Chances are you’ll never get bored since new and exciting vape juice flavors are introduced to the market all the time. Some of the most popular flavors introduced this year include banana nut bread, peach green tea, and blue raspberry. 

Spare vape coils

As mentioned above, a coil is necessary to turn vape liquid into inhalable smoke. The coil inside your vape is responsible for this transformation. Coils can go bad and it’s a good idea to keep a couple of replacements on hand for when this happens. You can usually tell when a coil is beginning its decline since it can significantly change the flavor of the liquid. 

Be sure to grab a vape cleaning kit

Vapes can get dirty over time, and while you might not think of grabbing a cleaning kit when you buy your first vaporizer, eventually you’ll see it as a smart purchase. If you clean your vape regularly, you can almost double the lifespan of the device, and cleaning it is pretty easy. Cleaning kits usually come with cleaning solution, pipe cleaners, cleaning sticks, and wipes.

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