WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Do you have a cigarette smoker on your holiday gift list this year? Maybe you’ve secretly hoped this person would decide to quit smoking cigarettes sooner rather than later. Or maybe that wish hasn’t been so secret and you’ve told them, maybe even repeatedly, that you wish they would stop. Smoking cigarettes will kill them eventually and there are far better options like vaping. You can help them kick the cigarette habit this winter with a quick visit to your local tobacco shop for a vaporizer gift.  

They’ll never expect it

Chances are your loved one knows that the people around them don’t want them to smoke cigarettes. They probably try and avoid the subject and maybe they don’t know how to start quitting cigarettes. You can help them to get started on this journey by buying them a vaporizer this year as a gift. You can find all sorts of vapes and vaping liquids at your local tobacco shop. This is one gift they will never expect.  

Quality vapes will last

Vaporizers work by changing liquid to aerosol via heat. The heat is produced when electricity heats the coil inside the vaporizer. The aerosol can then be inhaled and provide the same sensation as cigarettes do. Vaping liquid also comes in a variety of tasty flavors- much better than that of your standard cigarette.   

They’re convenient and discreet

Unlike smelly cigarettes, vaporizers produce a lot of “smoke”, but no smell. This makes them convenient and discreet. Vaping isn’t prohibited in all public places like smoking is, and the decision to prohibit vaping rests on individual property owners. Because vaporizers don’t produce the smell and second-hand smoke that cigarettes do, they are much less offensive to nonsmokers- which makes them a great gift this holiday season for the smoker in your life.   

The gift that keeps giving

Everyone wants to give a holiday gift that the recipient will love and use all year long. A vaporizer will offer just that. If you purchase a 10 ml bottle of vaping liquid along with the vaporizer, it could last a whole week, while a 30 ml bottle could last your loved one as much as 20 days. 

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